Caster City makes production and supply of quality casters and wheels uncompromising

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Caster City makes production and supply of quality casters and wheels uncompromising

     Caster City has nearly 60 years of industry experience producing and supplying state-of-the-art casters and wheels for institutional and industrial use.The company is pleased to announce that it has over $25 million in finished parts and that all of its casters, casters and industrial casters are assembled and shipped within 2 days.With a team of professionals proficient in caster applications, the company provides excellent value by helping customers combine the best wheels and casters for their needs.
With a strong focus on excellent customer service and support, Caster City offers industrial and warehouse managers, industrial business owners and production owners/operators the opportunity to participate in the design phase of their projects to avoid costly modifications after production has begun.Offering the fastest lead times in the industry since 1977, the company offers heavy duty casters and mechanism casters ranging from Stainless Steel, Pneumatic, Rod (Threaded Rod and Expanded Rubber Rod), Swivel, Rigid, Locking, Full Locking, Replacement, Chairs and furniture on casters.They also produce high-quality wheels including phenolic, rubber, polyurethane, polyolefin, steel, V-grooves, and more.For extra value, the company offers customers the opportunity to customize many of its casters, including swivel locks, wheel brakes and zerk accessories.
Caster City provides casters and wheels for medical laboratories, film and photography studios, aerospace and space programs, grocery and store fixtures, industrial warehouses, waste management, restaurants and bakeries, and retail stores.They offer rigid and swivel industrial casters, depending on the needs of the organization that requires them.It is predicted that older, more established companies will continue to be acquired by major US caster companies.The speed of consolidation in the continuous caster industry is increasingly worrying and has a negative impact on small businesses.
In the words of Caster City CEO Owen Kline, “The truth is that the caster industry is consolidating. Many caster companies have not survived or gone out of business. Roll-master went out of business and its assets were acquired by PH Casters. Jarvis was acquired by Colson and was established in 1890. Bassick, America’s oldest caster company in 2009 was also acquired. Shepherd Casters is used as a hub to hold these assets. It’s been happening for about 10 years. Inflation is also out of control and Fed rate hikes will continue to negatively impact all types of manufacturing .. the impact of the import/shipping container issue really hurt small companies and made big companies buy them out.”
“However, Caster City has proven to stand the test of time for over 60 years and is number one in the industry in web sales. We can offer specialty products for institutional and industrial environments, stainless steel, high temperature wheels and more. Our website Only about 1/3 of the products we make are shown. These are our most popular items. We have a large inventory of every item shown on the site in order to provide the timely shipping our customers need. We are knowledgeable and Experienced staff will be happy to assist you. If you are an Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) or have a high demand, please call us. Better pricing may be available.”
Media Contact Company Name: Caster City Contact: Torrey Stephenson, Sales Engineer Email: Send Email Phone: 800-501-3808 Address: 8635 Bright Angel Way City: Las Vegas State: Nevada 89149 Country : US Website: https://www.castercity.com/industrial-casters/
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Post time: Feb-18-2022