Shock absorbing casters wheels,spring loaded casters wheels

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Shock absorbing casters wheels,spring loaded casters wheels

Spring-loaded casters utilize a spring suspension to provide a cushioned ride and protection from shock and vibration for sensitive loads.
These industrial casters dampen and isolate shocks and vibration from rough surfaces to protect cargo or contents in a cart or equipment.

We all know this,But there are also some point need noted by user. Like below Ø75mm shock absorbing casters,Load capacity is 400kg. Means the safety Dynamic load weight is 400kg.
Here we share one of short story,One of our client send inquiry and need spring loaded casters,And our load weight meet their request. But after purchase sample they call us the caster didn’t work at all.

After hear that I ask he one questions.What’s the total weight of their equipment.He said the total weight is approx 400-500kg only. But the total 4 pc shock absorbing caster load capacity is 1200kg. And the spring’s idea work load weight is between 250kg-400kg. That’s means when loaded weight of each caster under 250kg, the spring damping function can not reach its best performance position. When weight too small,the caster almost like a regular non spring casters.
So before you select shock absorbing casters wheels, Please measure you total equipment weight first.

Post time: Aug-06-2021